Thanks for taking the time to meet with Eric and I yesterday to discuss the opportunity of creating engaging and exciting content for the Rapid City Rush. We feel video is one of the best ways that the team can accomplish a higher engagement and active following on social media, a more lively and interactive experience in-between plays with the video board and overall community interest and relationships. We’re looking forward to having 605 Media & Entertainment partner with the Rapid City Rush to create high-quality videos for the above listed objectives. Below is the proposal and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas on the plan.


Destyn & Eric
605 Media & Entertainment


The Project

There’s an endless amount of creative and unique ideas and we’re fully prepared to take-on and produce the best possible videos to grow social media engagement & in-game experiences for fans.

This content includes but is not limited to:

  • Hype videos, intros, branding, commercials and sizzles to sell on the memorable and fun experience both within and outside of the game.

  • Features, recaps and interview style content to grow a sense of community and relationships between fans and the team.

  • Long form content such as documentary style or “behind the scenes” videos giving fans more perspective & insight on their team.


on our end

Understanding that the Rapid City Rush media team is capable of creating video content as well, our main focus is to take on some of the higher end, and or time consuming productions, as well as giving a mix of creativity, style and quantity to the content.

To achieve this:

  • Using our knowledge of video marketing, video production and hockey to produce engaging & entertaining videos.

  • Using our professional and trusted equipment & software to produce material.

  • Take on all necessary steps of the production process to create content including: Creative writing, target marketing, pre-production, production and post-production.

  • Take on productions that may be more marketing oriented, long-form or require a large amount of shots over a period of time that the media team can't always get such as shooting during a game.

  • Keep strong communication with Rapid City Rush's marketing and media team to ensure correct content is being produced as well as giving the best product possible before distribution.



Statistics show that 55% of people watch videos online every day, and social media videos generate up to 1200% more shares than texts and images combined.

Reasons for investing in professional video content for the Rapid City Rush include but are not limited to:

  • Higher quality & quantity material for web and social media advertising & marketing.

  • Higher engagement on social media, giving fans a stronger connection and relationship with their team.

  • Adding to the memorable experience of the game for fans that would bring them back time and time again.

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Remainder of 2018-2019 SEASON

Up to 8 Hours Per Week of Production (or as needed) - $15/hr

2019-2020 SEASON

8 Hours Per Week of Production

$2000 Cash | $1000 Ad Exchange



We’d like to set-up another meeting via call or in-person to answer questions, negotiate as needed, make any revisions and discuss what’s needed to move forward in this partnership.

Your time is very appreciated and again we thank you for the opportunity.


605 Media & Entertainment